March 25, 2018 1 min read

What does Squat Proof mean? [infographic]

People are always asking us what does squat proof mean so we thought we try to answer the question using this fantastic infographic and also answer what makes the best squat proof leggings in terms of design features.

What does squat proof mean? [infographic]

Q&A: What are squat proof leggings?

The best squat proof leggings have the following design characteristics;

Design - designed to pass the infamous no show of "VPL" gym squat test!

Opacity - opaque with no see through when under duress.

Extra Give - Purpose designed with pleating at the back for an extra bit of give when in full squat mode

High or sculptured waist - a high or sculptured waist to emphasise your shape

Form enhancing - always form enhancing to help you look and feel great during your workout! :-)

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