Call us weird but we're quite happy to support and promote other sustainable swimwear brands who are doing good things to help improve and protect our environment

We all want to improve our fashion habits and help protect the environment or at least minimise our impact on it so we've already got lots of eco-friendly, often very sexy and stylish swimwear brands for you to choose from in our list below

And while you're browsing for your next hot eco friendly swimsuit please don't forget Floripawear's own ethical swimwear collection! :)


Founded in West Hollywood We are Hah are pioneering sexy and sustainable swimsuits



Founded in 2018 by mother-daughter duo Michi and Lea Wieser, arkitaip was born out of the idea to provide women with a wardrobe which is made to last. Cultivated on the principles of laissez-faire elegance, respect for our planet, and functionality, their creations are designed for those who confidently embrace  their uniqueness.




From a fast fashion hoarder to slow fashion minimalist, eco.mono Founder Sam Leigh has been seeking out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to who, how and where our clothes are made. Educating herself on what goes on behind the scenes of fashion. Established in 2016, Sam originally started eco.mono as a fashion blog dedicated to educating her readers about the garment industry.