February 21, 2018 1 min read

Eat & Run Review. Scott Rurek Eat and Run

Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

Eat & Run is a running book written by Scott Jurek the former world champion of Ultrarunning about his journey from small town runner to competing and eventually winning on the North West 100.

Starting off in his school days, Scott takes up cross country skiing and being good enough to ski county level, from there he starts to do ultras, just really as away to build fitness for cross country skiing.

Scott really is a modest guy and to be honest when we read this book we had no idea he was such an accomplished runner and all round ultra running champion and legend. It’s just his humble way!

Eat and Run Summary

We think Eat and Run is an excellent book for any runner to read and will help improve your running mentality and diet and is almost up there with our current favourite running book, Born to Run,

We say, if you are into running and/or veganism…go buy Eat and Run!

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