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nHere - Meditation Classes London - Meditation Class London

Come Inhere for some of the best meditation classes London has to offer

Rainmakrr covers tech self improvement and fitness and so we were delighted when Adiba Osmani, one of London’s rising stars on the wellness scene, an entrepreneur and longtime friend of the Rainmakrr team, opened InHere her fantastic new dedicated meditation centre in the heart of the City of London. Well, Monument actually but it’s all so very close round there

What are the benefits of taking a meditation class?

The majority of us get stressed at times, maybe it seems like virtually all of the time!

We all try curb our stress often not using the best methods. But doing a meditation class if you feel a bit burnt out is a proven method of lowering stress, improving your sense of well being and regenerating your energy levels

it’s vital that we all put in time and sometime effort after a long day to make sure we’re feeling good mentally as well as physically.

What are the benefits of taking a mindfulness class?

InHere run short meditation sessions of different lengths and with different focuses throughout the day in a teacher lad and teacher-free audio guided sessions of 20, 30 or 40 minutes. Soothing beautiful audio soundscapes settle you in and easy-to-follow audio tracks take you through the breathing and meditation exercises.

That’s why we believe InHere’s soothing atmosphere and ability to fit it easily into your working day are some of the best meditation classes London has to offer!

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