May 18, 2019 2 min read

Batch 3: The world's best ethical underwear is coming

Our sports and work underwear team has been working hard! Forget that' the whole team has been working hard!

 Our Batch 3 of release of our Ethical Underwear collection will be released in July 2019.

Our ethical underwear collection is made out of the super comfortable premium sustainable Micro Modal fabric in our London Studio.

We lwork with local partners because we want to make the best underwear in the world and this allows us to rapidly MVP the product with our design team and testers and influencers nearby.

Batch 3 is our third release with the main improvement being the waist band.

In Batch 2 we improved the waist band, bra strap and waist band cut making it more high waist.

Batch 3 brings just one improvement on Batch 2 and that is the waist band.

The feel of the waist band is so important to us. Yes we cut using Micro Modal the best most comfortable, most finest most sustainable underwear material out there that we could find.

And that alone is amazing.

But it was an 8 out of 10.

And we're harsh critics. We're underwear perfectionists. Our number one objective is to make the best underwear in the world. Not the best sports underwear, not the best workout underwear, not just the most sexy lingerie or whatever. Not the most sexy underwear either. And we know Floripawear is sexy.

Our objective is to make the number one best underwear in the world.

By Floripawear.

And we want to make it affordable. For everyone.

Batch 3 achieves our goal because the waistband is THE BEST we've ever felt and the most smoothest you will ever feel. 

Yes it's eco friendlier, sustainable and ethically made and all that matters so much and we'll keep on trying to improve on that.

But Batch 3 is the world's best underwear.

By Floripawear.

By us...

By London

Modelled by: @suhmarcelino

Batch 3 will be also available from July on Floripaunderwear and our sustainable family partners Sustail and Superbulky.

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