July 30, 2019 3 min read

The gym is always a place to go to unwind and work off the stresses that life presents us with. For men, it’s usually an easy pick on what to wear. Shorts and a tee. But for us ladies? Navigating the active-wear world is a completely different story. All different kinds of leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, shorts… it can be a tad overwhelming for first-timers.

HOWEVER, we have the easy solution for your gym wear problems.


Yes! You heard us correctly. Our high-waisted leggings collection comes in four gorgeous colours that make them suitable to wear anywhere (yes, even outside of the gym). We offer blue, red, black and grey, so your choice really comes down to what colour you look best in! Our high-waisted leggings offer the same amazing benefits, but we are just going to list our top 3!

 grey high waisted gym leggings

1.  Uh, hello! They look awesome on everyone!

This is just an obvious FACT. Anytime, any gym, you will be ROCKING it. Our leggings look good on everyone and can be worn anywhere! The high waist sucks in that tummy and really offers a smooth look. They can be paired with a cute sports bra or crop, or if you’re not at that stage yet, simply a cute tank to match. You will look and feel amazing in them.

They provide a massive confidence boost, make your front look flat and your booty look lifted and firm. This will help your confidence levels to shoot up! Doesn’t matter your age, size, or appearance, these are guaranteed to look awesome on you. Who doesn’t love to feel confident, gorgeous and healthy all while sweating it out in an intense gym sesh? Look awesome while you work towards your goal.

 red and blue grey high waisted gym leggings

2.  They’re super flexible and easy to move in!

Our high-waisted range are so easy to move in, making any kind of exercise effortless and easy. Not to mention, all of our leggings are ideal SQUAT PROOF LEGGINGS. T

his means no embarrassing tears! You can run, jump, skip and hop in these leggings, and have no trouble while doing some. They feel super nice and lightweight when wearing, which makes for an easy time at the gym. The best part yet? Because of their super-flexibility they can be worn for any kind of occasion! You have to walk to the gym?

Our high-waisted leggings! You’re feeling lazy and need to take a trip to the shops? High waisted gym leggings. You want to sit and eat ice cream on the couch until you slip into a food coma? High-waisted leggings. They’re literally the solution for any woman because they are so lightweight and stretchy!

 grey high waisted gym squat proof leggings

3.  They have a range of different sizes!

This is where the emphasis of inclusion comes in. These leggings come in small, medium and large which makes them a perfect fit for EVERY body type. Every shape and size, these leggings look great on. Seriously! You will feel that confidence rush and smash out your work at the gym. You could be 25 and working off that pregnancy weight, or you could be a grandma just trying to keep fit! From young to old, big to small, these leggings have a size for you and look so good when wearing them.

A confidence boost is a small enough change to help you turn your gym routine and gym attitude completely around. These leggings make the gym fun and an activity that you can enjoy. So, pick your size and give them a shot! They’re amazing quality and help you to feel amazing too.

high waisted gym leggings 

So, what are you still doing reading this? Surely you would have gone to get a pair for yourself! If not, click on the pictures and choose Your favourite colour and size. Watch how quickly your gym routine and attitude can change!

Keep on working ladies! Keep striving for those results!

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